A little bit about me -

I'm Kristen, a creative media producer from Oklahoma City. I specialize in video production and motion graphics, but dip my toes in the photography pool from time to time. You would be surprised at how different video and photo really are!

Over the past few years, I've discovered my love for video production has its roots in my passion for telling the stories of people and events going on around me. I believe every person, event, community, etc. has a unique story just waiting to be told. I think each of our stories have been written in order to inspire, grow, and encourage others. It's always my goal to produce videos that embrace who or what the storyteller is, what he, she, it or they care about, and do justice to the vision and goal of the video's purpose. Whether it's documenting a wedding in order to help a couple remember their day so they can relive it over and over, animating images and text that illustrates a song, or creating an avenue for a new business or event to market itself, I work hard to capture the heart of the story, always keeping the end goal in mind. I pride myself in caring far more about the vision, desire, and needs of my clients over anything else and I can promise I will take on each project intentionally and passionately.

I feel very lucky to have gotten to experience so much in my early years in this field. I've been able to work alongside and learn from truly incredible creatives and storytellers. I've had many opportunities to stretch my skills and explore new ways of sharing stories and I'm always eager for new experiences.

A little bit about what I do -

From a business perspective, this section is unnecessary, but it's important to me for people to understand why I'm passionate about what I do. I hope that if you read through these next couple paragraphs, you'll feel confident in how much I care about helping you tell YOUR story.

I come from a family full of engineers. It's a really encouraging place to be in as a creative because they think everything I do is absolutely brilliant. I've learned from their reactions to my work that many people have no idea what goes into visual storytelling. For some, it's a hobby, and for others, it's a passion and a way of life. I think about everything as a story...not just the timeline and sequential nature of things, but the problems, growth, and resolutions I experience throughout my life. I create metaphors and illustrations and think back to past events to understand things and relay them to others on a daily basis. My day to day life is never mundane or monotonous, but each season has it's own setting, characters, problem and solution, and teaches me as I move forward to the next story. Because of my family, I've learned that this is truly a gift because so many people can't connect things in this way. For many, life is an equation and when something doesn't work, it's easy for them to question the overall structure. But for me, every valley connects to a mountaintop and every experience leads to growth and I can visualize how everything comes together to create our individual and unique stories. The problems don't make me question the structure, rather, they pave the way for a resolution.

Like all things, there's a lot that goes into creating the final product in video production. There's the need for technical skill and the ability to troubleshoot when something goes wrong. There's the ability to capture beautiful images with a steady hand, create the right composition, and find the best source of lighting. There's the art of adding depth, emotion, and tone using music and sound bites. And there's the expertise to doing all of this in a way that stands out and embraces the personality of each person, couple, and event. These are just to name a few and these are all simply moving parts that come together to tell a story. I continue to seek new ways of how to put all the moving parts of each project together in order to produce a story that will make each viewer feel as though they're part of it.