My Website!

October 2014 // Norman, OK

Hello friends!

I have decided to make a website that will highlight some of my work all in one place. This is the first time I have ever made a website and I am looking forward to playing with it and making it better as I learn more about this process.

Here are some of the things you'll find on my website:

-Video work: You can watch my demo reel as well as a few other videos I have made on the home page of this side. I am working to get more of my work up as fast as possible!

-Photography: This is more of a hobby for me, but I really enjoy taking pictures. I wanted to showcase some of my favorite images I have taken. I hope you enjoy looking at them as well!

-Homemade work: I was very involved with studio art in high school and have carried that skill with me as a way to relieve stress and make some special gifts for friends and families. I have taken up calligraphy this past year as a great little thing to do while I wait for videos to render. I have had a few opportunities to create some fun things here and there, including a song treatment with handwritten lyrics that I hope to upload to this website at some point!

-A little bit about me: A small introduction to me and my work. Also, some information on those I work closely with and their websites. Please take a minute to look at their work as well!

Thanks for stopping by! I really hope you enjoy my work as much as I do!