Adam + Brooke Tibbetts

October 11, 2015 // Branson, MO

One thing you have to understand about video production is it's a job that makes you feel a little creepy at times. I have edited videos of people I've never met and upon meeting them for the first time, act as though I've known them for years, which is probably kind of weird for them. I watch these videos hundreds of times as I work through them and I start to feel like I know these people really well. 

With that said, as I watched through the finished project of Adam and Brooke's wedding video, I found myself in tears. I have watched these videos over and over and I know the cue for what's coming next and I have the moments where I wish I would have been just a little steadier with my camera...but at the end of the day, this couple provided me with such a beautiful story to tell that it caused me to get choked up when I watched it from beginning to end. 

Adam and Brooke embody redemption and grace in such a magnificent way. It's visible and encouraging. They got married in one of the most breathtakingly beautiful venues I have ever seen, but the most beautiful thing about their wedding day was how present the Lord is in their lives and how He is the one who united them in marriage. 

This wedding also had me laughing out loud as I compiled dancing footage. There are some AWESOME dancing moments in here you guys. Keep an eye out for Brooke's Grandpa doing the air guitar! 

As always, I'm so honored to be part of making these videos that will be an avenue for couples to relive their best day yet. Thank you so much Adam and Brooke for allowing me to do this!


Integrity Hills // Big Cedar Lodge // Branson, MO