I first met Carlie while working at Kanakuk a few years ago. I remember thinking she was one of the sweetest people I had ever met. She's one of those people who literally never complains and finds something positive in every situation. I can attest to this even on her wedding day, when she had a cold...I never heard her complain once. 

I hadn't met Brady before their wedding day, but I got to hear their story while filming Carlie getting ready and more throughout the day as I heard the officiant and family members speak. I love their story because Brady knew Carlie was it for him far before she knew he was it for her, and he persisted. He prayed for her nightly, as Carlie's sister explains, so that her heart would change from seeing him as just a friend to more than that. It looks like God answered his prayer the way he had hoped for too!

The best word I can find to describe this couple is genuine. They are genuine in their love for the Lord and for people, and they're genuine in who they are. They themed parts of their wedding around their favorite books and movies- Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and Harry Potter - and watching them interact, you can tell they just have fun together and would never dream of changing themselves. I love getting to capture these stories where the couple just can't get enough of each other and further, attributes everything back to the Lord and has gratitude that He has given them to one another.