Dan + Grace Casey

March 7, 2015 // Kansas City, MO

Dan and Grace's wedding was one like I've never experienced before. Not because of their wedding itself, although it was absolutely beautiful, creative and inspiring, but because of their story. I have "known" Grace for a few years now...out first interaction being over email when she helped me prepare for my first summer working at Kanakuk. She is the daughter of my aunt's longtime best friend, so I felt like I knew her before I even met her. I remember during my first week at Kanakuk, Grace sent me a package that had a KU Kanakuk shirt in it. I remember feeling really honored that she would think to send me that and it is still one of my favorite shirts! When I was finally able to meet her, I was blown away by how easy she is to talk to, how encouraging she is, and, like many say about her, her strength and reliance on grace through the many trials she has encountered through her life. She quickly became someone I admired.

Dan and Grace have an incredible story and I won't try to share it here because I would not do it justice in a million years, but if you're reading this and you're interested, check out their wedding website where they've shared it in detail.

It was truly an honor getting to capture their day. I think this video makes it pretty clear how genuine and deep their love for each other is. And the best thing about them is their constant desire to glorify the Lord which is evident in all that they do.

Thank you Dan and Grace! Enjoy!