You Brought Me Back to Life Lyric Treatment

April 5, 2015 // Norman, OK

For Easter at Journey this year, I was asked to do a couple of lyric treatments for some of the songs we planned to sing. I have a pretty basic knowledge of After Effects, so it was a challenge to compose two fairly complicated lyric treatments, but I am proud of the finished products!

Something I have learned this past year with motion graphics is you have to be very patient...something I'm not too great at. In order to advance my skills, I have to be willing  to watch online video tutorials over and over, explore the thousands of effects and settings the software has to offer, and deal with the slow rendering process after a project gets bogged down with tons of effects and layers. Not to mention key framing. If you know anything about motion graphics, you'll know that key framing effects can be summed up in one word: tedious. Despite how meticulous working with motion graphics can be, I have grown to love it and I'm thankful that I am able to advance my skills through projects like this one.

Here is one of the lyric treatments I made to "You Brought Me Back to Life" by Citizens and Saints.